ocean art paintings of mermaids sirens whales

mystical mermaids and sirens - majestic whales - seahorses 

discovering  mysteries of the ocean and magical under sea life

mermaid giclees on canvas

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artist's bio

my background

As an artist since childhood painting a wide variety of subject matter my favorite and most focused art is undersea life mostly mermaids, whales, dolphins and other sea creatures. 

my experience

Living in Maine as a child I began painting with watercolors.  After attending Kendall College of Art and Design in Michigan I focused for several years on home watercolor renderings and design.

Later in California I began painting with acrylics and teaching art lessons. 

I also painted murals.  After moving to the beach I was inspired by the ocean and the sea creatures that inhabit it which led me to painting my mermaids.    

my vision

Through my ocean art paintings of mermaids sirens whales dolphins seahorses jellyfish and undersea life I hope my giclees help the world to respect and protect the integrity of our oceans and its inhabiting sea creatures real and legendary


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